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Whilst we are not, strictly, a merchandiser, we are happy to support those organisations geared-up to provide such a service.

The extent of our involvement varies, dependent on the needs of the individual client. Some merchandisers prefer not to handle product and we are, consequently, asked to provide the complete service including design, production, packaging and despatch. For other campaigns, the client might require just a design and manufacture service.

Using the same techniques that we apply to our official awards, we have the facility, if required, to produce personalised plaques.

We understand the need for cost effective solutions and our prices are very competitive. In addition, our normal production cycle is 14 working days which enables a merchandiser to only commit to the production of actual orders, thereby reducing risk and up-front costs.

A unique aspect of our merchandising design is the construction of the frame that allows the CD or Vinyl to be easily removed, played and then returned to the display.



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